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Patient Participation Group

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Granta Medical Practices (GMP) has an active Patient Participation Group (PPG).The overall aim of our PPG is to develop a positive and constructive relationship between GMP and the community of patients it serves, ensuring GMP remains accountable and responsive to all its patients’ needs. It is an independent, voluntary, patient-focused voice, representing the views of the patients of GMP, with specific reference to health and social care matters that influence the strategic planning of GMP, ensuring delivery of the highest standards of medical care with the patient as central to each consultation.

At the PPG meeting on July 2019, Anne Thompson and Dave Arnold were elected as Co-chairs and Julie Draper was elected as Secretary, effectively constitutionally establishing the PPG. Membership is open to all registered patients of GMP.

We would like our group to reflect the diversity of our patients with all ages, ethnic groups and sexes represented. You will be invited to attend our quarterly meetings, but you do not have to attend; we can email agendas, minutes, newsletters and any other information we would like to share with you. For those patients without access to computers we are very happy to liaise by post with you.

The PPG has written Terms of Reference, available here, and now needs to establish a number of objectives. Whilst there are many issues that affect the patient population, we are initially focusing on two key issues:

  1. Continuity of care, particularly for patients with multiple long-term conditions, who ideally need to be under the care of a single GP, and
  2. How to approach the increase in demand for services to address mental health issues within GMP.

If you would like to know more about how our PPG works or have input into the group please contact one of our Co-Chairs Dave Arnold via or Anne Thompson via

If you would like to join our PPG please contact Sandra East, Head of Patient Services, via or use our Contact form.

Please note that we cannot and will not discuss any personal medical issues.

PPG Terms of reference


Please note that we are not currently holding any traditional PPG meetings due to the coronavirus pandemic.