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Information for Carers

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Are you a carer?

Do you help a family member, friend or neighbour that:

Is frail?

Has a disability?

Has a chronic mental illness?

Has a substance misuse problem with drugs or alcohol?

And this is not your paid job?

Do any of these statements apply to you?

Is this help regular and ongoing?

Does this help involve showering, toileting, dressing, or other personal care?

Does this help involve cleaning, cooking, shopping, transport and/or assistance with bills or other paperwork?

Does this care involve medication or other health care?

Would this person have difficulty managing on their own if you could not provide regular and ongoing support?

Do you receive Carers Allowance or no payment at all?

If you answered yes to any of these, you are a carer.

NHS Cambridgeshire and Crossroads Care Cambridgeshire are working in partnership
with GP Practices to improve recognition, help and support for carers.

What support can Crossroads Care Cambridgeshire provide?

First, you need to ask your GP for a ‘Carers Prescription’.

If your GP or the practice nurse knows your situation then the ‘prescription’ can be requested by phone. The ‘prescription’ will be sent to Crossroads and they will then arrange a visit to help complete an assessment of your situation and help decide the most appropriate form of support which may include a short break.

They can point you in the right direction to where you can find out more about caring, your rights, free services or benefits you may be entitled to. If a short break is prescribed, Crossroads will help you choose to book something that would make a real difference to you. You may need a short break to support your own health, keep an appointment, or just need some “me time” away from it all.

Events and Groups

There are events organised throughout the year where you can meet up with other carers. Replacement care and transport may be available so why not find out more?

There is also a regular Carers Group held at Nichols Court in Linton on the third Thursday of the month between 10:30am and 12:30pm.

As the project is funded by Cambridgeshire NHS, the service is only available to those patients registered in Cambridgeshire. However, there is an Uttlesford branch of Crossroads which can also offer help, information and support to our Essex patients. They can be contacted on 01799 513496.

We have leaflets and an information folder in the practice and the following websites are also good sources of information.


Crossroads Care Cambridgeshire: 0845 241 0954

Crossroads Care Uttlesford: 01799 513496