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Online Access

If you are registered with us but not currently signed up for online access, we recommend that you consider doing so. Online access is the easiest way to manage your health care needs, including ordering your repeat prescriptions, viewing test results and accessing your medical notes.  If you have a mobile phone or tablet you can download the Airmid App (see links below) or if you would like to manage your healthcare needs via your laptop or PC, click here to access SystmOnline.

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Download the Airmid App

Please note that due to the coronavirus pandemic we are currently not offering online appointment services.

Online services may help you to manage your medical conditions. If you decide not to join or wish to withdraw this is your choice and the practice staff will continue to treat you in the same way as before. This decision will not affect the quality of your care.

You will be given your own login details, so you will need to think of a password that is unique to you. This will ensure that only you are able to access your record unless you choose to share your details with a family member or carer.

We have the right to remove online access to services for anyone that doesn’t use them responsibly.

To register for online access, follow these three simple steps:

Step 1

Register to use systmonline
(patient online service)

Play Video

Step 2

Download the Airmid App

Play Video

Step 2

Download the Airmid App

Immediate access to the health A-Z on the NHS website

Find out what you need to do when you need help urgently using NHS 111 online 

Register as an organ donor

Choose whether the NHS uses your data for research and planning

It will be your responsibility to keep your login details and password safe and secure. If you know or suspect that your record has been accessed by someone without your permission, you should change your password immediately.  If you cannot do this for any reason, we recommend that you contact us so that we can remove online access until you are able to reset your password.

Things to consider

Before you apply for online access to your medical records there are some things to consider. Although the chances of any of the below happening is very small, you will be asked that you have read and understood the following before you are given login details.

Forgotten history

There may be something you have forgotten about in your medical records that you might find upsetting.

Abnormal results or bad news

If you GP has given you access to test results / letters you may see something that you find upsetting. This may occur before you have spoken to your doctor or while the surgery is closed and you cannot contact them.

Choosing to share your information with someone

It is up to you whether or not you share your information with others, perhaps family members or carers. It is your choice, but also your responsibility to keep the information safe and secure.


If you think you may have been pressured into revealing details from your patient record to someone against your will, it is best that you do not register for access at this time.

Misunderstood information

Your medical record is designed to be used by clinical professionals to ensure that you receive the best possible care. Some of the information within your medical record may be highly technical, written by specialists and not easily understood. If you require further clarification please do not hesitate to contact us for clearer explanation.

Information about someone else

If you spot something in your record that is not about you or notice any other errors, please log out of the system immediately and contact the practice as soon as possible.

More information

For more information about keeping your healthcare records safe and secure, here is a helpful leaflet produced by the NHS in conjunction with The Chartered Institute for IT: Keep your online health and social care records safe and secure (PDF).

Airmid App

Airmid is a new patient-facing app to support all of your healthcare needs, as part of SystmOnline. You can take control of your own healthcare and engage with your own care team. From appointment booking to video consultations and wearable integrations, Airmid is the answer to Digital First healthcare for all.

With Airmid you can:

  • Communicate with GPs without the need for a face to face appointment, using video and direct messaging
  • Access your medical records
  • Set and receive appointment and medication reminders
  • Request medication
  • Find local health care organisations
  • Arrange proxy access to your medical records for family members or carers
  • Use Airmid for your child as an online eRedbook

Airmid can be used on Apple and Android mobile devices.

For further information go to

The NHS App

Once you have registered for online access you can then download and use the NHS App. With this app you can:

  • Access healthcare services securely 24 hours a day
  • Check your symptoms and find up to date NHS information on hundreds of conditions and treatments, plus get immediate advice
  • Search for, book and cancel your own appointments
  • See your available medications and request repeat prescriptions
  • View your GP medical records securely
  • Manage your choices for organ donation and data sharing

To get started you first need to download the NHS App from Google Play or the Apple App store. Open the app and:-

  • Search for Granta Medical Practices
  • Set up an NHS login
  • Prove who you are – by getting a special “passphrase” from Granta
  • Login and start using the NHS App

For further information go to

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