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Register with us

Step 1

Are you eligible to register with Granta Medical Practices?

Check by using our postcode checker…

Step 2

Download and complete our Registration forms and post / email them back to us.

Please note that it  can take up to 14 days to activate your registration.

Step 3

Sign up for SystmOnline

This online facility will allow you to manage your repeat prescriptions and medical records online.

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Step 4

Once you have online access you can then download the Airmid App and/or NHS App, both of which are excellent tools to help you manage your healthcare requirements.

You can find more information about these Apps on the Online Access page.

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You can register with access to home visits if:

  • Your permanent residence (for more than 3 months) is within our practice catchment area (please use the postcode checker above).

You can register outside of our catchment area, without access to home visits, if:

  • You permanently work within our catchment area.
  • You spend most of your time within our catchment area due to caring responsibilities for a patient registered at Granta Medical Practices.
  • You are undertaking education or training at an establishment within our catchment area.
  • Your family members (including children) live at the same address as an adult who qualifies for registration under any of the above clauses.

Please note that children who attend school within our catchment area are not eligible for permanent registration, unless they qualify under one of the clauses above. They should be registered at another practice along with their parents / guardians.

Please note: If you take regular medication, you will need to arrange to speak to a clinician as soon as possible after registering to ensure you do not run out of your repeat prescriptions.

You can download our registration forms here. Please complete them and either send to us by post, hand deliver (we have post boxes at each site), or send by email to  Please note that processing your registration may take up to 14 days and you will not be able to make an appointment until it is complete.

When you have completed and returned the forms, NHS England will transfer your medical records to us and will write to you to confirm your registration with us.

Registering children under the age of 16 years old

Children under the age of 16 years old cannot be registered with us unless at least one parent / carer / guardian is also registered.

Change of address

If you change name, address or telephone number, please let us know by calling or completing our contact form. If you move outside our practice area you have up to 1 month to register with a doctor in your new area.

Getting medical care as a student

If you spend more weeks of the year at a university address in our catchment area, you can register with us. This way you can receive emergency care if you need it, and access health services quickly and easily when you are away from home. This is especially important if you have ongoing health conditions, particularly one that needs medicine, such as asthma, diabetes or epilepsy.

If you become ill during the holidays when you are at home or not staying near your university you can contact your nearest practice to ask for treatment.

Young people 16 years old and over

When you turn 16 years old, you can manage your own healthcare needs.

If you would prefer a parent or carer to help manage your care you will have to write to us, giving us consent to speak to your parent or carer. You can withdraw your consent at any time.