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Travel Clinic


Have you booked a trip abroad or planning to do so?

If you are now seeking travel health advice, Granta Medical Practices offer a Travel Clinic Service

The first step is to complete a Travel Risk Assessment Form so we can assess your risk. You can download the Risk Assessment Form.

Once you have completed and returned the form, we will contact you by phone within one week to let you know if you need to attend for an appointment which we would then advise you to book. At your appointment the recommended vaccines or medications will be given and follow up injections planned. We regret that no traveller will be seen without a completed risk assessment form.

Telephoning your GP from outside
the UK

Please be aware that if you are a registered patient telephoning your GP from outside the UK, they may not be able to offer you medical advice. The GP will do everything possible to support you but legally may not be able to give advice, however this can be discussed with them at the time.

Before you book an appointment

To help us give you the best possible care, it is essential that you help us by following the instructions below.

  1.  Download the Risk Assessment Form
  2. Fill it in fully and return it to us no later than 5 weeks before you travel
  3. You will be contacted to arrange an appointment.

Before your appointment you are advised to go to: Look up the destination you are travelling to, print off the information, read it and bring it with you when you attend your appointment.

You can download our General Travel Advice Sheet or collect a copy from reception.

For additional information you can visit the following websites

NHS services

Under the services a GP provides for travel, we are able to give vaccines to provide protection against hepatitis A, typhoid and tetanus, polio, diphtheria and basic travel advice free of charge.

Non-NHS services

In addition our Travel Clinic is able to offer a more specialist service with a greater choice of vaccines, for example rabies or yellow fever. These vaccines are not free on the NHS.

Travel Vaccination Costs

Some vaccinations are covered by the NHS and some will require payment. Please go to our Non-NHS Fees section for further information.

The clinician will make this clear when you make the appointment and you will be required to pay before your appointment.

Don’t leave it too late

Most vaccinations need to be administered at least 4 weeks before departure and for some risky areas you will need to have injections 3 months before you travel. Getting the risk assessment to us in plenty of time is vital.

Common questions

I am leaving in less than 3 weeks time?

Please let reception know this. They will offer you the next available travel clinic appointment. However, you will still need to fill out and return the Travel Risk Assessment Form before the appointment. The clinician will do what they can but full immunisation may not be possible.

I think I only need a booster?

Fill in the Travel Risk Assessment Form stating previous injections and return and an appropriate appointment will be made.

Will all my injections be given at the appointment?

Some immunisation requires a course of up to 3 injections and you will be informed at your 1st appointment and further appointments planned.

Can I get antibiotics and needles if I am travelling to risky areas?

If it is recommended for the area you are travelling to, we are able to give you a private prescription for antibiotics and needles are provided in the travel packs that can be purchased.