Getting a urine test

Bring a urine specimen in before 11am on the day it is done. Please make sure specimens are labelled with the date and your name and DOB. You may have been given a brown form to hand in as well.

The doctor or nurse will have told you if the sample is for dip testing at the practice. This is usually done as a screen for sugar or infection. Please tell the receptionist this information.

If you were told that the sample is to go to the hospital laboratory then there are several rules to follow. The sample must be mid stream, passed the same morning it is brought in, into a sterile bottle obtained from reception. Please label it with your name, date of birth and the days date. If you have a brown form, please enter the date and time the sample was collected in the top right hand corner.

Please note that the laboratory do routine pregnancy testing. Fast reliable tests can be purchased at the chemist.

Blood tests (phlebotomy)

The local NHS (CCG) currently commissions for blood tests to be taken at walk-in clinics. These are staffed by Addenbrooke's either at the hospital or at community drop in clinics located at specific supermarkets. They do not fund phlebotomy at GP surgeries.

For this reason many GP practices do not offer any phlebotomy service at all. At Sawston and Linton we continue to offer a service but we do not have the capacity to absorb all the work. Therefore we encourage patients who are able to do so please to attend one of the alternative sites below.

Times Weekdays - times vary but generally between 9-30am to 2pm.
Patients Anyone over 10 yrs old.
Booking Phlebotomist appointments may be booked in the usual way. You would need to take any request forms from the hospital (though these blood tests are generally most appropriately done at the hospital). Forms for tests requested by the practice can be obtained from the relevant clinician or at reception, though some test requests may remain on the computer system and be printed at the phlebotomy appointment.
Times Weekdays 9am to 5pm
Patients Any age. No appointment necessary for adults and children aged 8 years and above. Children under 8 need to be booked with the Paediatric Physician Assistant.
Booking Ring main switchboard 01223 245151 and ask to bleep 154450 to book an appointment between 7.30 and 3.30 pm. You will need to take the request form from the GP or hospital; this can be obtained from the relevant doctor / nurse or at reception.
Information They provide local anaesthetic cream for children of any age but parents need to be prepared to wait an hour to allow it to work.
Times Weekdays 7:30am to 10:30am and 4:30pm to 7:30pm
Patients Anyone over 16 years old
Booking No appointment necessary. You will need to take the request form from the GP or hospital; this can be obtained from the relevant doctor.
Information Phlebotomists from Addenbrooke's offer blood tests in a private consultation room attached to the pharmacy.

Getting a Result

Results of urine and blood tests usually take at least seven working days to come back from the laboratory. We do not contact you with results. The person ordering the test should tell you whether you need a further appointment after or whether you should phone reception.

Please phone in the afternoon or evening for results as they arrive with us after lunch.

The doctor needs to read and interpret each result first. The receptionist will be able to tell you if any further action is required but is not qualified to discuss the result with you. Should this be necessary, please make an appointment to come in and see your doctor. Alternatively you might book an appointment for the doctor to ring you.

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